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Self-healing elastic polymers developed with the help of a tree

What can be reused and biodegrade? The Eco Can can

Nintendo 3DS will stream movies from Netflix

Maximizing the number of floorboards per tree by going off the straight and narrow

'Digital observatory' allows global information-sharing to protect biodiversity

The world's first hybrid automobile goes on show again - 111 years later

The 1100 bhp Koenigsegg Agera R – with the world’s fastest roof box

The most remarkable Mercedes Benz F1 display

Pininfarina 2uettottanta and Range Rover Evoque take car design awards

Plan designates 1,680 miles of interconnected bikeways for Los Angeles

Why Thunderbolt is so important for the MacBook Pro

Lamborghini's radical new Aventador: the first car in its bracket to break the three-second barrier

Magnetically-guided pill sends pictures from inside the stomach

Cargill ship will be largest ever to utilize kite power

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Leonard Grigoryan tests Paul Kinny's Stereo Acoustic Guitar

Thought-controlled car demonstrated

BrewDog's 55% ABV beer: the strongest and most expensive beer in history

Ingenious 4WD campervan

On the Go: Top gear for business travelers

Biometric Wallet opens only with a magic touch

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